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Basic Dog Training Advice

Do you want to have a special relationship with your dog that no one can ever replace? Do you want your dog to be your best mate in the whole world? Do you want your dog to be brilliantly behaved? Well, if you want to successfully train your dog, you must do ALL of the following things.

  • Persistent- There are many people who are filled with enthusiasm for the first couple of weeks but soon after, they lose interest. These people will get nowhere. If you do this you will end up no better than when you started so you just wasted that couple of weeks. So you need to persist to the very end. No one can finish training a dog within a day. Not even the very best dog trainers in the world. So you must be persistent with your training in order to get long lasting results. If you show your dog that giving up is not an option, your dog will follow your lead and respect you more.
  • Consistent- Be consistent in your training methods because dogs get confused when you teach them two things that oppose one another. So the best type of training for your dog is to be consistent, this way you will be able to avoid confusing your dog. So remember to be very consistent with your training methods and praise your dog appropriately.
  • Patient- This is important because puppies are like babies and they need to be taught gradually. You need to show love and support throughout the process but if it turns out to be too difficult for you, just postpone your training until a later date.
  • Reward Training- This is an effective type of training because it helps build a stronger bond between you and your dog as well as nurturing good behaviour.
  • Stick to a Regular Routine- This is similar to being consistent and is highly important in the early stages of dog training. If you don’t stick to a regular routine then your dog might not get into a habit into learning what it has to do. For example, when you are potty training your dog or telling your dog when to go to bed.
  • Set Realistic Goals- Make sure that you set goals that your puppy/dog is able to achieve. This is because puppies are like babies and when they are at different stages, they only have the ability to do certain things.
  • Socialize with Your Dog- Spend time with your dog! The best way to get to know your dog is by spending quality time with your dog! By spending time with your dog, it also helps increase the trust and positive bond between the two of you. Also this will help your dog to be more comfortable around other humans.


By Michelle L.