Purebred or Mixed Breed?

Qualities to Look For

Purebred dogs and mixed-breed dogs each have their own special qualities. So you will probably want to pick a breed that excels in the area that you want, for example hunting or sheep herding. It may be, that a cross of specific breeds will provide you with the traits you want. Don’t be tricked into believing that crossing breeds can lead to healthier offspring. The truth is that puppies, whether purebred or mixed, inherit genes from both parents. So the pups stand a high chance of getting the disease if the parents pass that gene along.

Health Issues

Its possible you have heard that purebred dogs are “inbred” and as a result inherit health problems. To a certain degree, this is true of poorly bred purebreds. The truth is that all living things are susceptible to inherited problems, and dogs are no exception. Purebred dogs do inherit problems, but so do mixed-breeds. But remember there are benefits to a responsibly bred purebred. First, you can look for a breeder who tries to get rid of problems known in the breed. Afterwards you can make an informed decision. Keep in mind that if you know that a breed is susceptible to something like early death, you have to consider whether you’ll be able to accept that and whether or not the short life-span is outweighed by the pleasure that a dog of that particular breed will provide you with.

Limitations to Consider

If you or someone in your household is limited for some reason by medical and health factors, you may have to take that into account when picking a breed. For example if someone in your house is allergic to dogs, you might have to pick a dog that is hairless or sheds very little. Also, if you don’t have the strength or the capabilties to manage a large, fiesty and energetic dog, also take that into account when choosing a dog because it is difficult to tell what a puppy will be like once it grows up.

The Entire Package

Don’t pick a dog purely based on its looks. Pick a dog for its entire deal, including energy, temperament, and interests, not just appearances because this is the dog you are going to have to live with. However looks are still a factor to consider so if you absolutely adore curly fur, then research the other characteristics of the many breeds with curly fur. There may well be one with all the traits that will make an excellent choice for you. A mixed-breed adult may also fit the bill, but mixed-breed puppies often grow up to look a bit different from what their baby faces lead us to expect!

Behavioural Traits

A purebred’s temperament and behavioral traits are usually much more predictable. This doesn’t imply that all dogs of a certain breed act precisely the same though. As with members of a human family, there will be variations in an individual’s personality, level of energy, behavior, and appearance. Same thing goes for puppies in a breed. But nevertheless, responsibly bred purebred dogs do tend to have certain basic traits which are highly predictable. You might prefer an outgoing dog that likes everyone. Or maybe you prefer a dog that will bark to alert you when someone is around. If a busy dog that’s always on the go would drive you nuts, then you will have to choose a calmer dog. But in case you desire a dog that’s always prepared to join you in active outdoor pursuits, you must select one with more energy.

Again, many mixed-breed dogs will fit either bill. Bare in mind it’s far harder to forsee how a mixed-breed puppy will behave as an adult unless you know for sure the breeds background. If specific behavioral traits are important to you, then look for a properly bred purebred pup of an appropriate breed and from appropriate lines within the breed.

The Cost

Mixed breed dogs tend to be significantly less expensive to obtain. Whether adopted from a shelter for a nominal fee or given a home and refuge from the streets, these mutts can be obtained with a minimal initial investment. On the other hand purebreds cost a larger amount of money to obtain. Purebred dogs are ‘show dogs’ and they cost hundreds of dollars, if not thousands of dollars to look after each year.