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How to Stop My Dog From Jumping

Some dogs have a habit of jumping all over their masters, or even worse, all over the kids and guests. Well if this is the case then you certainly have a problem brewing at your end. However, the good news is that there are certain techniques that professional dog trainers make use of so as to eliminate this nasty habit and to re-train your dog to be a more disciplined pet.

Some dogs simply love jumping up and down because they are too eager to greet. In fact it can be said that dogs are just over excited about seeing you irrespective of when you reappear. If your dog shows such a behavior then it is a sign that he is just a hyper active being who needs some calm yet assertive training so as to check on this behavior.

To begin with you need to know that dogs follow the “leader of the pack” mindset which either makes them the king or you. If your dog is jumping all over you then he probably believes that he is the alpha (a higher rank) and has all the right to take you on. In such a situation you need to follow techniques that will replace your position as the alpha.

Tips to Stop Your dog From Jumping All Over You

1.The next time when you go home and meet your dog, show some disinterest. Stay away from your dog for a while cutting down the temptation to let him jump into your arms. If your puppy tries to jump immediately give the stop command and resist any of such acts by turning away and thus ignoring him altogether from any such attention seeking tactic. Once your puppy has settled and is calm go over to him and reward him with a warm pat. You can also bend a little to your dog’s height so as to greet him. This way he will not have an urge to jump up to your height. Wait till the dog sits to share those loving pats and usual affection.

2.For dogs that jump excessively using water spray can be helpful but this only works for outdoor pets. If you have your dog mostly indoors then a water spray can actually be futile.

3.A simple way to show that you are not happy with the whole lot of jumping is to show your back and leave the spot at the very moment your dog starts to jump. Your disinterest will work as a keen pointer that this behavior is not acceptable.

4.You can also physically signal the dog by placing your palm above the dog’s head or nose. So if your dog will try and jump then you can gently push the cuddly thing down. Then bend towards the dog and greet him with great affection. This technique is more about positive reinforcement. If you own a really huge dog who jumps really aggressively then you can cuddle by putting your knee up and thus blocking his way gently from jumping all over you with the command “off”.

5.Though gentle treatment is highly recommended but sometimes you might just have to be a little forceful with some dogs. In such a case you will have to grab the paws until the dog struggles to get away. Then kneel next to him and talk softly to the dog. This is usually done with larger breeds so as to prove your dominance.

6.Another technique of positive reinforcement is to reward your dog for his good behavior. So the next time he sits back and obeys your command give him his favorite treat and see the difference.

7.A very important thing to remember when training your dog to not jump is to see that the rule is being followed by everyone around the house. All of the above mentioned tips will go useless if the other members in your family aren’t following the same thing. For those who cannot find the time to train their puppies against such behaviors, puppy schools come as a source of respite. Your dog’s enrollment and interaction at the puppy school will definitely reduce such attention seeking behavior.

Everyone wants unconditional affection and particularly when it comes from a cute little bouncy dog but you need to remember that your little pup will turn into an adult dog tomorrow. Hence such a habit will only ruin your dog’s manners if it goes unchecked