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How to Stop My Dog From Whining

Dogs are considered to be “man’s best friend”. These creatures have long been treated as pets since olden times. They are our most loyal companions and what makes them close to our hearts is the fact that they can be trained. But let’s face it, dogs are animals and there are times when their compulsive habit manifest at some point in time. Whining is one of these irritating behaviors that dogs sometimes do. How can we get our dogs to minimize their excessive whining? In this article, we are going to talk about 6 effective tips on how to stop a dog from whining. This article aims to provide useful information to achieve a more pleasant living condition for both the pet and the owner.

Why Dogs Whine?:
Before we proceed into the main topic, let’s try to understand first why dogs tend to whine at times. Apart from being loyal to humans, another trait that makes a dog closer to us is their intelligence. Dogs are smart creatures and they have the ability to comprehend our commands through body movements and hand signals. They also have that ability to sense our feelings and emotions, that’s why they are most loved among all other animals. Since dogs cannot speak, they communicate to us by means of barking and at times through whining. Dog’s whine because in a way they want to “tell” us about something like wanting to go outside, sensing danger, wanting to express emotions, and asking for food. Puppies whine for other reasons and that is because they seek the care and attention of their mothers.

It is natural for dogs to whine, but excessive whining could mean that something’s not right. If you’re pet tends to whine more it could be because the dog is experiencing stress, frustration, and sometimes being bored. As a pet owner, you should be able to address this issue to prevent it from getting out of hand.

Tips On How To Stop A Dog From Whining:

Excessive whining of dogs can really be irritating and being the owner, you should be able to assess the situation and know the reason why your dog is developing this negative habit. Here are some effective tips to stop our pet dogs from whining a lot:

1. As the master of your pet, it is you responsibility to know the needs of your pet as they are also part of your family. If you think that your dog is bored, then you will need to get him more involve into doing things that will make him busy like walking during the morning time and playing with him. Give him toys which he can play. This will make him busy and will help him minimize whining.

2. If your dog whines because he hears noises outside the house, try to get his attention and distract him from the source of the noise. Once you get his attention, command your dog to sit in his place and give him a treat if he follows you. Repeating this action will train the dog into refraining from excessive whining.

3. If you think that you’re dog whines because he wants something from you, never give in to his behavior and give him a treat just to make him stop. Ignore him instead rather than giving in. This will discipline his behavior and the whining will lessen eventually.

4. Our dogs whine because they seek attention from us. Train your dog to stop whining by gently closing his muzzle while saying the “quiet” command in a relaxed manner. Give a reward once he stops barking and repeat this action whenever he whines again until he will get the idea that you want to make him stop.

5. Another way to stop the dog from whining is to do the “go to your spot” command. Choose an area in your house where you will allow your pet to whine. Make sure that it is an area where the dog can still see you. Leave a doggie treat in that area and instruct the dog to go to that place whenever he whines. Continue practicing this command while slowly moving away from the dog. Once the dog won’t see you, he will immediately stop barking. Repeat this command if necessary until your dog is properly trained.

6. Train your dog not to whine in times of your absence at home. To prevent your dog from experiencing separation anxiety, leave him unattended for a specific time of the day. Gradually increase the time of your absence until the dog can manage to be all by itself.

Proper training of our dogs is the solution to prevent them from doing excessive whining in our homes. Hopefully, you have gained more knowledge about this article on how to stop a dog from whining.