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How to Train Your Weimaraner

Training a weimaraner is definitely tougher than what most people think. This type of dog definitely requires a lot of work in order to train, but just like anything else, it is all about patience throughout the entire time. A weimaraner is a nice dog that can be easy to train if you understand the entire process. In this article, you will learn and discover some simple tactics for training your dog in the most effective way possible. Your goal should be to be creative when training your dog. With a bit of work and perseverance, you can be sure to succeed with your dog learning and becoming a better trained dog.

1. Commands

Commands are the best thing that you could ever consider doing. The truth is that when you tell them a certain word and you lead them to that place, you will find that they will follow what you tell them to do every single time you say that specific command. For example, when you first teach them how to roll over, you should say the words “roll”. When you say that, you should make them roll on purpose. Do this multiple times as if your dog were a person. I am sure you are very used to telling a child, “Smile” or “Wink”. It is practically the same thing with dogs and small puppies.

2. Treats

Just like a human being, give your dog treats if ever he or she does the right thing that you are asking your dog to do. If your dog does soemthing, then be sure to give a nice treat. It is definitely going to be helpful and put a big smile on their face. Treats are always wonderful for them to receive. Just be sure that you use treats sparingly and not too often.

3. Bathroom

The bathroom is an aspect that too many people tend to forget about. Try to simply bring them outside or to the area where they are supposed to potty whenever you notice your dog about to pee or poo. For example, if your dog is about to do something related to¬†going potty, stop them right away and bring them to their designated area. While your Weimaraner is very young, try to watch over your dog often. If he is about to potty, bring him outside right away. This is the only way to succeed in the end. There are people who think doing this isn’t powerful, but once your dog notices that he is being brought outside when he wants to go potty, he will eventually do it on his own in the future.

4.Give Toys

A very powerful tactic is to simply give your dog a lot of toys, but to give it to them when they clearly deserve it. Just like how giving them treats is helpful for building up their self esteem, try to give them a really nice toy for whenever they are every sad. It is definitely very good for them since they learn faster when you consistently show them love. Showing them love should be your main goal throughout the process.

5. Set Rules

Even though showing love is important, you still want to set down some good ground rules. Explain to your dog that if he or she doesn’t stop biting you, barking, or doing things wrong, you will have to punish him. Put him in his cage or avoid giving him treats. Your dog is still very young, so try to discipline your dog while they are young, but you shouldn’t always be too hard on them.

Do you want to achieve success while training your dog? There are thousands of people who have achieved so much success with their dog by following the tips above. They may not be miraculous, but they should be very helpful. Your dog is still a dog, so be sure to be very patient with it. There are some who don’t think that their dogs still need time to learn and develop. By simply being very patient, you can be sure to succeed in the end. Most dogs are very cute, and you want to be very careful with how you treat your dog. Discplining them is good, but you should never try to over anger them. That may cause a breakage in the relationship.