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How to Train Your Dachshund

You will find a dachshund puppy very cute as the cuteness lie in his eyes. The dachshund is the best choice for people who do not like dogs with much fur. The dachshund dogs are very stubborn in nature and need their own space. They love an independent environment to live in. They are like hound dogs and unlike many other breeds being obedient, these dogs are quite stubborn. If you want them to obey you, you need to train them, which certainly take some time to train them well.

Training Process

is better to have a dachshund puppy rather than having a dachshund dog as due to his stubborn nature training a puppy will be an easy task. It is better to start with the training process with some basic things rather than getting into trouble later when the puppy is grown dog. Well, you might find it difficult to be strict with this cute puppy so start being playful and engage yourself in some playful activities to start with. The puppy needs your regular involvement for him to understand your commands. Do not lock him/her up or chain him as it will affect your puppy’s personality.

Establish Routine Time-Table

You need to schedule a routine time-table for his meals and walk. A time based schedule can help the puppy to make his mind and follow the routine activities easily. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to train him for essential activities for example urinating etc., high patience level is required to deal with dachshund puppy. You need to be a bit strict with them as your lenient behaviour can spoil them and encourage them not to obey your orders. You also need to monitor and understand his/her moods. Once you help him follow his routine activities, you will slowly find him/her quite disciplined.

Praise Your Puppy

Praise your puppy on following your command as this will encourage him to be obedient as they love to be praised after they obey your commands. You can ask them to pick a ball, newspaper etc., to check if they obey you. Make sure that you do not ignore them even if you have your friends, relatives around as they need your constant attention and care. Do not punish them hard instead praise them for their good behaviour.

Clicker Training

Dachshunds respond very well to devices like clickers. You can include these devices in your training sessions. The dachshunds do not have a good hearing, but they react well to fast and sharp clicks. Clicker training is ideal for dachshund puppies.

Crate Training

Crate Training is the best option is potty train a dachshund puppy.Crate training also helps train a dachshund irrespective of age. Initially you might find it bit tough to adapt and your puppy might find it difficult as well, but later puppies can adapt it well and quickly. You need to find a busy area to set up the crate for example in your kitchen or living room. You can also move the crate in your bedroom at night-time. Dachshund finds it comfortable and safe in the crate knowing that you are around. Later you can change the place of the crate in a location where you want to place it permanently. You can later start feeding them outside the crate and gradually placing the bowl inside the crate.

Stop Chewing Habits

You can stop the chewing habits of your dachshund puppy by giving those dog toys to chew. When you see your puppy chewing anything they find around, give them dog toys asking them to leave the stuff they were chewing. Praise them once they start chewing the toy. This way you will be teaching them they have lots of toys around to chew.

Keep Dachshund Occupied

You need to keep your dachshund puppy occupied with some exercises as they get frustrated when they have nothing to do. The boredom makes them feel uneasy and they are happy to stay active all the time. You can schedule daily walks for them and make sure that they have plenty of dog toys with them to play around.

The training methods mentioned above will surely make your dachshund obedient and well behaved.