How to Train Your Jack Russell

Not all dogs are best tapped as regular companions inside and outside of the house. Some breeds are too large or can be too dangerous especially for kids. But surely you will find those special breeds of dogs that respond well to a home environment with kids constantly playing in the background. Just take the case of the Jack Russell, this breed is perky and fun to be with. This breed is highly dependable as well and works best as a guard dog. It will meet every stranger with continuous barking.

Aside from a functional support inside the home, the Jack Russell can become a good member of the family that can offer some love and fun. But here’s the catch- the Jack Russell can be fierce as well and may require attention every time. For this reason it pays to learn how to train a Jack Russell. Learning how to train your dog using the best steps will not just help contain its independence and fierceness, the training will also help you come up with a perky dog that’s lovable and equally helpful. To make training easier, here are five top and tested tricks on how to train a Jack Russell.

1) Start Training Early

When it comes to responsible dog ownership it is critical that you start training your dog at a time that it can already take orders and instructions. You can start training a puppy but just make sure you don’t train a very young do, say less than 8 weeks old.

2) House-Train Your Puppy Using a Crate

You will need a crate for this purpose. This is simply a container that can house your dog and should come and will be made from different materials. Airline-approved and plastic-made crate is highly recommended though you can also use the metal type. By using the crate for this purpose you can slowly train your puppy. The crate will serve as its safe haven where it can relax or play. Slowly train your puppy using the crate by opening it up to allow exploration. In order to entice your puppy to get inside the crate, place a favorite play object inside. Only when it becomes comfortable that you can close the crate. Confine the dog for five minutes and slowly increasing the time so that it can adjust to its new environment. It is important to use praises every time he relieves outside of the crate.

3) Don’t Let Your Puppy Over-Stay In The Crate

Your puppy can feel too thus it’s important that you train it to see the crate as his safe haven and not a prison. The maximum number of hours that it can stay inside the crate continuously is four hours.

4) Manage Its Domineering Side

A common problem with a Jack Russell is that this can be aggressive that can surely put off some kids inside he the house. There are behavioral problems of the dog that you should manage right from the start. Remember that most of these problems can be associated with lack of activity, exercise and discipline. Once your puppy has moved into your house, make sure you show to it that you are the most dominant person inside the household. If you don’t do this, then your dog will start to show signs that you will hate in the end. A critical tip here is that you should always train your dog on a regular basis. A well-exercised dog will be tired, thus it will not pick fights or show some attitude problems.

5) Pay Attention To Its Playful and Destructive Side

The Jack Russell can be highly active and destructive at times. Though it’s good that it will nip and bite at you, it’s best to make sure that you provide the necessary response by indicating that it should stop. If you don’t signal then the dog will think that it is an acceptable behavior. You need to correct a bad act and try to give phrases if he avoids biting on the pillows, rugs and your clothes.

Learning how to train a Jack Russell doesn’t take place overnight. This is a labor-intensive process that starts when your dog is still young and continually giving it feedback along the way. It can be said that training a Jack Russell is a life-long activity that involves giving it praises for good work and giving control for acts that are not accepted.