How to Stop a Beagle Digging

Beagles are a very loyal breed of dogs, they are intelligent, independent but can be stubborn at times. In the old days, they were used as hunting dogs for hares and the hunters will follow the pack on foot. Beagles are fund of the outdoors and they have a bad habit of digging that can be quite frustrating. Digging is in their nature because as a breed of hound dogs, they were originally bred as hunting dogs, other reasons may include; the need for a warm bed or a place to cool off, to hide food, out of boredom or just for fun. To stop your beagle from digging up your lawn or flower beds, here are 5 effective tips on how to stop a beagle from digging.

1. Have the Right Mindset:

This is important because you can easily get frustrated when it looks like your efforts are in vain. You must establish yourself as the alpha and remain in control. Beagles are smart and can easily sense when you’re tensed or anxious and may just want to be defiant. You have to be consistent with your training and discipline your dog when it is necessary. Establish a command like “Stop Digging” or “No” and use a stern voice while doing so when you correcting your dog any time he starts digging. You should only discipline him when he is caught in the act because afterwards he won’t be able to associate the punishment with the crime as dogs have short term memory.

2. Pick an Area in Your Yard Where Digging is Allowed:

Although the idea is to stop your beagle from digging, you do not want him messing up your flowers while he is still under training. Allocating a specific area for him to dig away, will save you the worry. You must supervise your dog at the early stages and admonish him when he goes out to dig outside the designated areas. You can also decide to use a lead and collar to guide your beagle away from the wrong location to the allocated area. And it is easier

to keep an eye on him as well when he is outside. Providing a sandbox filled with a mix of sand, earth and grass is also another alternative.

3. Pat, Praise and Dog Treats:

Beagles are very smart and loyal dogs and will always want to please its owner. When you admonish a wrong doing, you must offer praise when he does right, like when he responds to the command to stop digging. Using dog treats is another way to instill good behavior in your dog. Dogs love treats and will do right if they know that at the end they will get a treat. The reward of a pat, praise or treat when your dog follows a command to stop digging or any other wrong for that matter will make him understand that digging is wrong.

4. Keep Your Beagle Busy:

The Reason your dog might be digging could be that he is bored. Yes, I said it, dogs get bored too! You must minimize the reasons for this bad habit. Provide your beagle with assortment of toys and things to chew on like rawhide bones. However, if he is digging because he likes it, it might be more difficult to curb this habit but you have to be persistent and firm. Another activity to occupy your dog or tire him out will be exercise. Take him on long walks, a run or to the park because when he is tired, he will not have the energy to dig.

5. Stones, Chicken Wire, Natural Dog Repellent and Harmless Traps:

The chicken wire will restrict the dog and prevent him from reaching the flowers while a mixture of different textured stones will irritate his paws and discourage him from returning there to dig. Other ways to stop a beagle from digging will include; spraying a natural dog repellent around the area, setting harmless traps and making your beagle comfortable by providing a kennel if he spends a lot of time outdoors.

Training your beagle to stop digging may seem difficult at first but as time passes and you remain consistent with the right training methods you will see that he will conform to make you happy. Be sure to always praise or give him a doggy treat for good behavior.