How To Stop Your German Shepherd’s Aggression

Knowing how to stop German shepherd aggression can help you to keep your dog in control. Aggression in German shepherd usually starts at an early age for various reasons. Your dog may be trying to establish its dominance over you and other dogs. German shepherd aggression can also be hereditary.

Listed below are 5 ways to stop German shepherd aggression.

Tip #1: Take control from the beginning

One of the most effective ways to stop German shepherd aggression is making them follow rules. You should make it clear that you are the leader of the pack from the first day you get your German shepherd. Make sure the dog understands you mean ‘no’ when you say no.

You can start by teaching your dog one word rules such as run, jump, sit, come and other action words and then proceed to two word phrases. If your dog is about to bite a neighbor’s dog, for instance, shout ‘no’ and if he follows the command make sure to reward him. You can take him for a walk to reinforce the behavior. On the other hand, if he goes ahead and bites the dog in spite of your command you should punish him.

Tip #2: Train your dog

Training your German shepherd should start from a tender age. Training should begin at an early age since this is the best time to plant good behavior in the dog. You should remember to treat your dog gently during training and if he exhibits aggressive behavior you should not hurt him or humiliate him since he is going to take it on other dogs or strangers.

Shaking the dog by the neck is enough to keep him away from misbehaving. In addition, make sure to reward your dog for good behavior during training to reinforce the behavior. Dogs love food treats and a pat on the back or head and he is definitely to going to repeat the behavior you have rewarded him for.

Tip #3: Socialize your dog

If your dog becomes aggressive only when there are new people around him, then you may want to socialize him. Allow the dog to interact with other dogs and people. This is going to help him become accustomed to strangers so he can overcome aggressive behaviors such as German shepherd nipping, biting, barking and German shepherd gnawing. You can take him in public places such as the local park or enroll him for German shepherd classes where he will meet other canines.

Tip #4: Allow you dog to exercise

Exercising is another way to stop German shepherd aggression. German shepherds, like most breeds, are hyperactive and exercise provides a way to release extra energy. You can take your dog for walks in the morning or play the fetch game with him. This involves throwing a ball and asking the dog to get it for you.

Alternatively, you can ask the dog to chase you as you ride on your bike. The dog should have these exercises for 45 minutes every day. It is important to note that shepherds should always be on leashes when you take them on public places. This way, you can prevent the dog from attacking people.

Tip #5: Treat your dog gently

Since German shepherd aggression can be as a result of trauma and abuse, you must be patient with your dog. Avoid slapping him, shouting at him, beating him or refusing him food. This will only increase the dog’s aggression. You may therefore want to treat him gently and show him love.

Your dog is going to become calm if you have physical contact with him. Allow him to snuggle close to you on the couch or bed as long as he is clean. When you dog barks for no reason, you can tell him no and he is going to understand.

In Conclusion, the 5 ways to stop German shepherd aggression will come in handy if you have an aggressive dog. Having a well behaved dog is going to make you feel secure when you go out. The different ways to stop aggressiveness include training, taking control, rewarding the dog for good behavior, physical exercise and physical contact. Training should start at an early age for effective outcomes. You should consult a professional if the aggressiveness persists.

By Michelle L.